Live Imaging and Bioenergetics Facility

The Live Imaging and Bioenergetics Facility at the CUNY ASRC houses three core instruments: 1) Zeiss LSM880 upright two photon confocal microscope with Airyscan, FAST model and CLARITY lens, 2) LSM880 inverted live cell imaging confocal microscope with Airyscan and FAST model, and 3) Agilent Seahorse XFe24 live cell metabolic analyzer.

The supported applications include: in vivo imaging of live animals, time-lapse live cell imaging with high-resolution optical sectioning, deep imaging of fixed CLARITY tissues, calcium imaging, photo switching and photo uncaging, Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP), Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET), laser ablation, and measuring mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in live cells in real time. The facility will also provide advanced imaging analysis software Imaris for data processing.

Learn more about the instruments, services, training and experimental design here.

MALDI Imaging Joint Facility

The MALDI-TOF MS Imaging Joint Facility of the Structural Biology Initiative and Neuroscience Initiative at the ASRC at The Graduate Center, CUNY houses four core instruments: 1) Bruker Autoflex Speed TOF, 2) HTX M5 Matrix Sprayer, 3) Leica Aperio CS2 slide scanner, and 4) SCiLS MALDI Imaging Analysis workstation.

As the first core facility with MALDI-TOF MS imaging capacity in the New York metropolitan area, we are proud to provide MALDI Imaging services to research scientists including tissue preparation, matrix coating, MALDI-MS profiling, and imaging/data analysis. MALDI-MS Imaging is a powerful tool for label-free in situ profiling of proteins, lipids, metabolites and small molecules. Both research institutions and industrial enterprises are welcome to utilize our facility.

To learn more about the instruments, services, training and experimental design, please contact co-directors Ye He at Yhe1@gc.cuny.edu (212.413.3182) or Rinat Abzalimov at Rabzalimov@gc.cuny.edu (212.413.3236).

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