Imaging Techniques Development

We are interested in developing and optimizing the platform of interdisciplinary imaging techniques, including 1) metabolomics profiling of single cell using MALDI-TOF imaging, 2) specific detection of biomolecules such as neuropeptides and lipids, and 3) super-resolution surface live imaging.

Multidisciplinary Imaging Platform

Combining the imaging techniques implemented in house particularly MALDI-TOF imaging, super-resolution imaging and live imaging, together with other advanced imaging tools provided by ASRC including EM, AFM, TOF-SIMS, we work with scientists within CUNY and beyond from broad range of disciplines to address critical biological and biomedical questions in the fields of neural development & diseases, brain tumor, bioenergetics and public health.

Nano-Bio Interactions

In addition to conventional biomedical research, we are further engaged in interdisciplinary research of functional interactions between nanomaterials and biological system through collaborations with Nanoscience Initiative of ASRC, in the areas of self-assembling peptides and peptide based cell specific sensors, for their potential applications in biomedicine.