“To Be Named” – DRG neurons and myelinating Schwann cells (Casaccia Lab)
"Frozen" – Nanomaterial (Ulijn Lab)
"Independence Day"– Primary oligodendrocytes (Casaccia Lab)
"To Be Named"– Nanoparticles fighting cancer cells
"Inception" – Nanomaterial (Ulijn Lab)
"Yi Jian Mei" – Nanomaterial (Ulijn Lab)
"Journey To the Center of the Earth" –Mature Schwann cells in Sciatic nerve (Casaccia Lab)
“To Be Named” – Neurons (Casaccia Lab)
“To Be Named” –Nanomaterial (Ulijn Lab)
“Trilogy” – Fruit Fly Da Neurons (Jan Lab)
“Tokyo!” –Astrocytes differentiating from neurosphere (Casaccia Lab)
“To Be Named” – Fruit Fly Da Neurons (Jan Lab)

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