Mini Symposium on Metabolism: Function & Imaging – May 2022

Symposium schedule: 1:00-1:15pm, Coffee & Check-in; 1:15-1:30pm, Welcome by Dr. Patrizia Casaccia & Dr. Ye He; 1:30-2:30pm, Metabolism Function with Dr. Yuanquan Song; 2:30-3:30pm Metabolism Imaging with Dr. Wei Min; 3:30-5:00pm, Reception

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CUNY ASRC Research Experience Readies Jonas Salk Scholar for Medical SchoolMay 2022

Our imaging specialist, Kelly, has been awarded the prestigious Jonas Salk Scholarship for her interdisciplinary research conducted over the past 4 years at the ASRC. The scholarship is awarded each year to 8 CUNY students who show promise of contributing to meaningful biomedical research as they pursue their graduate or medical school studies.

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Scientists design nanoparticles that communicate with cancer cellsOctober 2021

A multi-institutional research team (a collaboration between ASRC’s nanoscience and neuroscience initiatives) has designed nanoparticles that can communicate with and slow the development of cancer cells. The work has uncovered a novel framework for the potential development of drug-free cancer therapies.

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CUNY School of Medicine Receives Interdisciplinary Research GrantMarch 2021

Dr. Ye He, as a part of an interdisciplinary research team with the ASRC’s Structural Biology Initiative and CCNY’s Center for Discovery and Innovation, is a recipient of the 2021 CUNY Interdisciplinary Research Grant (IRG) for a proposal focused on COVID-19 detection.

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CUNY Undergrads Get a Taste of Interdisciplinary Research Culture at the ASRCNovember 2020

Undergraduate research students Yuki Chen and Kelly Veerasammy are given their first chance to be contributing authors to a project done in collaboration with Dr. Yuanquan Song of the University of Pennsylvania. In this article, the students and Dr. Ye He share their thoughts on the experience and the interdisciplinary culture at the ASRC.

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Advanced Science Research Center Seed Program Grant AwardDecember 2019

Dr. Ghada Soliman, a collaborator within the Structural Biology Initiative at the ASRC, is awarded the ASRC Seed program grant. As a part of this interdisciplinary team, Dr. Ye He will work alongside Dr. Soliman and Dr. Rinat Abzalimov on the project aimed to combat type 2 diabetes.

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Art Meets Science in Treating MS – March 2018

For the past 15 years, Ye He, manager of the Live Imaging and Bioenergetics Facility and a research assistant professor at the Neuroscience Iniative at The Graduate Center’s Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC), has been searching for new ways to treat neurological diseases, mainly multiple sclerosis, a disease she calls “devastating.” A dedicated and well-credentialed scientist, she also sees art as a way to heal and educate.

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Liu and He announced as Neuroscience Initiative facility managersNov 2016

The Neuroscience Initiative at CUNY Advanced Science Research Center is proud to announce the hiring of Jia Liu, PhD and Ye He, PhD, who will be managing the Epigenetic and Behavioral Facility and the Live Imaging and Bioenergetics Facilities, respectively, which aim to bring cutting-edge technology to the ASRC to serve the greater Neuroscience Community at CUNY.

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